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Beachside Bingo

Welcome to BEACHSIDE BINGO, home of the friendliest staff in town! We open every day at 10 a.m. with play starting at 11. We have quarter games all day and we play session at 7 p.m.

10 AM Doors Open

11 AM All Day K/Q Game — Winner Take All up to $100

11AM-NOON Winner Take All Games up to $50

12PM All Day King/Queen Game – $100 payout

12PM-1PM $50 Payouts

1PM $250 Treasure Hunt ($50 Credit for Frame/$200 Coverall)

1PM-3PM $40 Payouts

2PM 2 Hour K/Q — $100 Payout

3PM $150 Treasure Hunt ($50 Credit for Frame/$100 Coverall)

3PM – 6PM $30 Payouts

4PM 2 Hour K/Q $100 Payout

5PM $150 Treasure Hunt($50 Credit for Frame/$100 Coverall)

6PM Top of the Hour Winner Take All Coverall up to $200

6:30PM Star Game $150 Payout



Daily Deals!

Sunday and Tuesday: $5 Pack Night, $75 Machine $30, $150 Machine $50, $240 Machine and Paper $70. Buy $30, $50 or $70 machine and you can purchase a second machine for half price for yourself.

Monday: $10 Pack Night. Buy $40 machine or higher and you can purchase a second machine for half price for yourself. ALSO: 3 Way Bingo Battle.

Wednesday: Couples Night. The machine you buy, your significant other gets the same machine for half price. ALSO: $10 Pack Night.

Thursday: “T-shirt Night. Wear your Beachside T-shirt to play session and get $10 off purchase of $20 or more. ALSO: $10 Pack Night.

Jackpot Fridays: Jackpot Session with 15 Games Paying $250, $15 Packs $210 Machine and Paper Play  for $70 and you can double it for just $20. All players get free $250 halftime game

Non-Jackpot Fridays: $10 Pack Night. Machines $40 or higher come with paper and specials. All Session players get free halftime game.

Saturday: $10 Pack Night.  ALSO: 3 Way Bingo Battle.


Beachside Bingo keeps our customers informed about our specials and activities through a text messaging system.

Beachside players should text the word “BEACHSIDE” to 51660 and follow the instructions.

Standard text messaging fees apply. Text STOP to 51660 to opt out.