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Sep 22

New credit specials at Beachside

bingo-cardBEACHSIDE Bingo is Pensacola is excited to announce our NEW credit specials.

$60 in credits for  $30 — Once daily, until 1 p.m.

Then, endless all day:

$50 in credits for $30

$30 in credits for $20

$15 in credits for $10


Aug 04

Goldmine adds Monday quarters — and MORE!

GM MondaysGOLDMINE bingo is excited to announce that we are now open on MONDAYS for Daytime Quarters. We’ve also made a few other changes to enhance our customers’ experiences.

Here’s our new schedule:


Monday – Saturday: 11 a.m.
Sunday: Noon


Quarters 11 a.m. No session

Quarters 11:00 – 6:15
Tournament 11:00 – 4:00
1st place – $100
2nd place- $50 gift certificate
3rd place- $25 gift certificate
Session- 6:45- close

Quarters 11:00- 6:15
All day points
Session- 6:45-close
Double Loaded Tab-e

Quarters 11:00- 6:15
Double Loaded quarters machines
Session- 6:45 – close
Ladies Night

Quarters 11:00- 6:15
Session- $50 all you can play
3 rd Friday of the month Men’s night

Quarters- 11:6:15
Session 6:45 till close

Quarters 12:00 till 3:15
2:00 till session $50 payouts

4:00 till close


Monday – Saturday
11:00- King/ Queen $50

12:00- Treasure Hunts (large frame – 50 credits/ coverall $100 cash)
1:00- King/ Queen $50
2:00- 50/50 split
3:00- King/ Queen $50
4:00- Trifecta $75
5:00- King/Queen- $50
6:00- Star Game $150

12:00- King/ Queen
1:00 – $100 Double Action Coverall (50 Credits/ $50 cash)
2:00- Treasure Hunts (large frame – 50 credits/ coverall $100 cash)
3:00- Star Game $150

Jun 23

Sign up for our new BINGO e-News

E-news iconBeachside and Goldmine are updating our e-newsletter with valuable coupons in every edition!

We are also starting our newsletter mailing list from scratch. SO, even if you have been getting our old newsletter, please sign-up again through the form below.

Dec 29

$50 Daytime Payouts at Beachside

Beachside Bingo in Pensacola, Florida, offers daytime payouts up to $50.Daytime payouts at Beachside Bingo in Pensacola top out at $50 per game!

All Bingo games played at Beachside between noon and 1 p.m. pay $50 each.

Also, between 11 a.m. and noon, and 6-6:30Bingo winners take ALL collected for the game up to $50.

So, come in to Beachside for maximum daytime payouts!

Dec 21

Beachside & Goldmine give away a free day of Bingo — EVERY DAY!

Daily Winner SquareEvery day, Beachside Bingo in Pensacola and Goldmine Bingo in Milton give away a day of free Bingo to one lucky player at each hall in our Daily Winner contest.

We use our texting system to choose the Daily Winner. The winners receive a text early in the morning saying they have won a free Super Champ machine and a free session pack good for that day only.

Beachside players should text the word “BEACHSIDE” to 51660 and follow the instructions.

Goldmine players should text the word “Goldmine” to 51660 and follow the instructions.

Standard text messaging fees apply. Text STOP to 51660 to opt out.